WEATHER TRANSMITTING – Geologist Ronald Daanen, with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, sets up a weather station on Harbor Mountain Friday. Daanen was working to get the station to communicate with the U.S. Forest Service building on Halibut Point Road.  When in operation the station will record temperature, snow depth, wind direction, precipitation, ground moisture content -- information that will be part of a landslide warning system being developed. Members of Sitka Mountain Rescue hauled the equipment up the mountain Thursday after weather kept the U.S. Coast Guard from using a helicopter for transportation. The Sitka Sound Science Center is coordinating the landslide studies being conducted by a group of researchers from various institutions funded by the National Science Foundation. DGGS asks that people not go too close to the station as it will interfere with its ability to collect and transmit information. (Sentinel Photo by James Poulson)

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